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Sexy Girl Kira is wearing her dark blue jeans now in the tub! She really likes the feeling to wear a totaly wet jeans! What about you? You also like to play with Kira now and take a bath together with her? Maybe you like to jerk off now!?

Helga wants to drive you crazy and knows how to manage it - she put on her new, very tight jeans and wiggles her ass in front of you. Grab your dig and enjoy the sexy jeansbutt she sticks towards you. Then she slowly pulls the jeans down, she's about to undress and you can see her pink thong beneath her jeans. So tasty and so fucking hot! She has a really nice shape!

Angelina and Yana are a special couple. Angelina loves facesitting and is in a good mood to dominate her pretty little and innocent girlfriend beneath her sexy jeansass! She sits down on her face on the bed, really abrupt, and rubs her rough jeanspussy on her little girlfriend's mouth and nose. No matter how much Yana tries to escape her, she collapses under dominant Angelina and her hot jeansbutt. Angelina's just horny and unstoppable!

Your dreams will come true today, because Mary has a special wet present for you! She sits down on the bath tub and puts on the water. The water stream runs down her sexy jeans and makes them really wet. Look how the water runs down her beautiful legs until her jeans shine from the wetness! She has so much fun cooling her rad jeans legs and her jeanspussy and passes her high spirits on to you!

It's really difficult to put on these really tight jeans, but Angelina wants them so bad! So she put on her thinnest g-string first to give space to the tight jeans and then lies down on the bed, her back on the mattress and her ass and legs in the air. Now she drags the jeans over her feet and pedals with her legs, so that the jeans raises bit by bit around her skinny, sexy legs. Look at the result, it's incredible!