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Angelina and Yana are a special couple. Angelina loves facesitting and is in a good mood to dominate her pretty little and innocent girlfriend beneath her sexy jeansass! She sits down on her face on the bed, really abrupt, and rubs her rough jeanspussy on her little girlfriend's mouth and nose. No matter how much Yana tries to escape her, she collapses under dominant Angelina and her hot jeansbutt. Angelina's just horny and unstoppable!

The two girls Malika and Dizzy are horny as hell and meet on the couch. They get rid of their tops and start licking each other's nipples and massage them. Both skinny girls are still dressed in their jeans, so they start experimenting with jeans orgasms. One licks the other's pussy through her jeans, so that the fabric gets wet from both sides! Then they have a nice jeanspussy-fuck, rubbing their pussies against each others until they explode in a tremendous orgasm.