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Your dreams will come true today, because Mary has a special wet present for you! She sits down on the bath tub and puts on the water. The water stream runs down her sexy jeans and makes them really wet. Look how the water runs down her beautiful legs until her jeans shine from the wetness! She has so much fun cooling her rad jeans legs and her jeanspussy and passes her high spirits on to you!

Oh you think that the teddy bear's so cute...?! Yeah, but - no. Anfisa doesn't. She doesn't know compassion for a fucking cuddly toy and uses it to demonstrate her power to you. The teddy bear lands on the bar stool, and Anfisa's hot jeansbutt just squeezes it afterwards and roughly on it. You can see the plush toy flatten really quickly under her cruel but sexy ass, and you'll wish to never be in plush toy's place instead.. or do you??