Jeans Fetish

Denim and Jeans Fetish. Hot Videos with Girls in tight Jeans

Rosella had to piss urgently after shopping, but can't hold until she's home. So she lets the champaign run down into the fabric of her jeans that soak a litte of it, but it's just too much to soak the juice completely. So the rest runs down into her shoes and onto the street. She's pissing in public and then walking to her car to drive home - still inside of her wet jeans and full of urine scent!

After a heavy meal consisting of lots of beans, she has to fart a lot to get rid of all the gas inside of her ass. First she releases them inside of her sexy jeansass, then she undresses so that you can see her silk panties, in which she also farts loud. After both garments got contaminated with her nasty farts, she undresses completely and farts with her naked ass inside of her office chair.

Amber will test your breathing abilities today by sitting down on your nasty face! She wears her right blue jeans and fixates you on the floor. Then she prepares to sit down on your mouth and nose and keep them both close as long as she wants to. Your face gets squeezed very hard, but you know you can't escape because punishment for failure would be much harder than just stealing your air...

Red jeans are so dangerous... and you're into dangerous games, aren't you? Lady Suzanne's teasing you with her hot red jeans, and she's wearing nothing beneath them.. what a surprise! She rubs her ass and pussy through the rough fabric, and the fissures tease her clit extremely. The sticks her little sexy ass towards you and then turns around and pulls on her zipper... oh gosh, this will drive you crazy!

We'll play a game and bet for 100 Euro- everytime Princess Jenny spreads her legs and they're opened up wide, you may wank your dick but immediately STOP, when she closes in again. But you may NOT jerk off until the end of that clip, otherwise you lose and have to pay her your 100 Euro! Let's see if you're strong enought to withstand... you'll see that it's not that easy, because Jenny is fascinating hot and dominant.

Helga wants to drive you crazy and knows how to manage it - she put on her new, very tight jeans and wiggles her ass in front of you. Grab your dig and enjoy the sexy jeansbutt she sticks towards you. Then she slowly pulls the jeans down, she's about to undress and you can see her pink thong beneath her jeans. So tasty and so fucking hot! She has a really nice shape!

Yana's alone at home as her girlfriend went out for a drink. That's her chance to make some hot jeansgames just the way she loves it! Yana's rubbing her pussy and clit through her tight jeans and shows you her little, hot ass really closely. Then she takes the vibrator and puts it to her jeanspussy. The vibration streams through the fabric and satisfies her deep needs until she explodes in a hot jeans orgasm without any help of you!

Oh Wow, the saturated blue jeans look so damn hot if combined with that gaudy, red high heels! It's like heaven on earth to watch Natalia moving her sexy jeansass on the seat while the camera captures every moment in a close up for you! You'll never get the chance to watch something like that in reality, but Natalia's compassion brings you some intimate moments with her jeansbutt. This is your chance!

You're either lavish or uninspired - both ways you don't really need your hard earned money. Your mistress has raised a claim for your money and from that point on it belongs only to her, if you want it or not! So pay your due and give your money to your mistress. The only reward you get is the permission to look at her incredibly hot ass in these black, tight jeans!

You're already waiting for some hot ass by Lady Velvet, don't you? Hide yourself from everything else just to be alone with your goddess and to worship her hot jeansass as long as she wants! You've waited the whole day to get your chance, and here it is - Lady Velvet is wearing her designer jeans that give her ass an especially gorgeous shape, and she sticks her jeansass towards you so that you might think it's right in front of you.